Including and accommodating students with Down syndrome

Strategies and modifying curriculum

 Bird, Gillian, Sandy Alton and Cecile MacKinnon (2000) Accessing the curriculum - Strategies for differentiation for pupils with Down syndrome Down Syndrome Issues and Information series, Down Syndrome Education International Good handbook for teachers with lots of strategies and ideas about differentiation and tips for adapting activities and tasks for learners with Down syndrome. Covers both primary and secondary learners and gives illustrated examples of differentiated work in a number of school subjects. 

UK Down's Syndrome Education Consortium (2002) 'Differentiating the curriculum' in Education Support Pack for School - Mainstream Primary and Secondary, Down Syndrome Association (UK) 
Discusses principles for differentiation with a number of good examples of classroom work. Also briefly outlines the learning profile (Buckley et al, 2000) associated with Down syndrome. 

Teaching students with Down syndrome Carol Johnson 
Useful listing of some factors which may challenge learners with Down syndrome and suggested supports and strategies to promote success. 

'Adapting curriculum: options' in Students with intellectual disabilities. A resource guide for teachers British Columbia Ministry of Education (Canada) 
'Modifying the curriculum' in Students with intellectual disabilities. A resource guide for teachers British Columbia Ministry of Education (Canada) 
and Appendix 7: Description and illustration of the curriculum modification process 
The appendix offers useful examples of approaches to modifying the curriculum in different levels. 

What educators need to know (2009) Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Educator Packet 
Looks at adaptations that may be needed in relation to some of the health conditions associated with Down syndrome and then at curriculum modification to suit the learning style of students with Down syndrome. 

 Children with Down's syndrome - a guide for teachers and LSAs in mainstream primary and secondary schools (1998) Stephanie Lorenz 
Although now quite old, this is still a useful resource publication, and covers most aspects of including a child with Down syndrome in the class.