Club 21

Club21 is a peer support network for adults (18+ years) with Down syndrome to share social experiences with the support of a group leader and volunteers. Past Club21 activities have included theatre shows, circus, pub meals, dance parties, picnics, beach, festivals, music events amongst others.

A groups is currently active in the Melbourne area only.

We believe in inclusion and self advocacy. Life skills including leadership and confidence are promoted through learning opportunities and our members are encouraged to actively participate in organising activities.

Club21 operates under a set of rules that have been determined by the young adults themselves. There is an expectation of reasonable behaviour, mutual respect, active participation and commitment to attend activities for which people have booked.

A quick overview

  • The cost of activities is $22.00 to contribute to staff and volunteer costs plus an individual activity cost.
  • To be eligible to attend events you must be a financial member of Down Syndrome Victoria and be registered to Club21.
  • Activities are generally planned for weekends, could be day time or evening and usually run for about 4 hours.

Interested in becoming a Club21 member or volunteer?

Come and join in the activities with Club21 by becoming a Club21 member.

Volunteers: We need volunteers to attend the activities to socialise with the members and assist with specific tasks when needed.

Interested members and volunteers please contact our Club21 Coordinator via email.