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Looking for physical activity and sporting opportunities?

When sourcing recreation activities for your family member with Down syndrome it's important to consider mainstream/generic options as well as disability options. This will open up many more opportunities for your family member and enable them to broaden their scope a little. Plus, there is no reason why someone shouldn't be accessing mainstream or generic options just because they have a disability. You may be interested to read Inclusion of people with disabilities in sport and recreation, from our Journal Voice, Summer 2008 - Out and About. Looking for physical activity and sporting opportunities?
This webpage has been created to share information about activities for children & adults with Down syndrome. It is an area of our website that will be constantly updated. If you don't find what you are looking for now, keep an eye on this page for updates. Please also consider letting us know of good services in your area so that we can share the information. You might like to also print off our information sheet titled 'Including a child with Down syndrome in community activities' and pass onto the teacher/coach of the recreational activity you choose. Contact us on 1300 658 873 or email. Looking for physical activity and sporting opportunities?
Your local government offices should be able to offer contacts to help you find out about opportunities in your area. Looking for physical activity and sporting opportunities?
Contact the Sport and Recreation Officer, or their equivalent, at your local council; or use the MetroAccess or RuralAccess service. These are initiatives of the Victorian State Disability Plan 2002-2012, that aim to build the capacity of local communities across Victoria to be more inclusive of people with disabilities. The DHS Community Building Contacts are listed on the MetroAcces/RuralAccess webpage. Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) - is the peak body representing local councils. MAV work with councils to promote access and inclusion in local communities to ensure people with a disability have the same opportunities as other members of the community. Policies and practice guidelines such as Disability action plans can be viewed on this site. Looking for physical activity and sporting opportunities?
If you are unsure of which DHS region you live in click here for a map of DHS regions.

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