Key Word Signing

Keyword signing is used extensively worldwide to support the teaching of communication and language skills for babies and children with Down syndrome. Both the DVDs listed below also include material about keyword signing.
Buckley, Sue & Gillian Bird (2001) 'Signing' in Speech and language development for infants with Down syndrome (0-5 years) Down Syndrome Education International, pp14-18

Key Word Sign Victoria

Key Word Sign Australia uses Auslan signs (the native language of the deaf community in Australia) 

Go to this Auslan Dictionary to learn more about key word signing using Auslan

About Makaton, The Makaton Charity, UK
Introduction to Makaton, what it is, why it is useful, how to use it... site includes some free downloadable resources and the charity's complete catalogue.

Scope (Vic) Ltd (2008) Nursery rhymes to sing, see and sign The Communication Resource Centre
Fifteen familiar nursery rhymes with printable signing guidelines. A great fun introduction to keyword signing for you and your baby. 

Hands Can Talk
Hands Can Talk was developed by an Australian mother who used Makaton to support early communication skills for her daughter, who has Down syndrome. She is author of a number of resource books for signing with babies and young children.

Singing Hands
Makaton-trained parents (UK) who started their own company to promote singing and signing with babies and young children. Produce some excellent resources for singing and signing with your child.

Using the iPad to support Key Word Signing
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