Health and well being

Health Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide information on how to stay healthy and access good health care. Developed by the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability with assistance from experienced health professionals, people with an intellectual disability and parents. 

There are two types of health fact sheets; 

• Standard fact sheets for families, advocates, disability workers and other professionals.
• Easy fact sheets for people with an intellectual disability. 

Mental health is an important aspect to consider when ensuring the health and well being of a person with Down syndrome. 

The Centre for Developmental Disability Health (CDDHV) is an academic unit established by the Victorian State Government to improve health outcomes for people with developmental disabilities through a range of educational, research and clinical activities. Phone: 9902 4467

Mental Health Advice Line - The Mental Health Advice Line is a state-wide telephone information service available to all Victorians seeking mental health information, advice and referral for themselves or another person. Ph: 1300 280 737 

Annual Health Assessments 
Did you know annual health assessments for people with intellectual disabilities are covered by Medicare? When making the appointment with your GP explain that you are seeking an assessment under Medicare item 718 and request a long appointment. If the assessment needs to be done at the patient's home, the GP can charge extra under Medicare item 719. Take the person's medical records and current medications to the assessment. Someone who knows the person well should attend the appointment to help provide the information the doctor needs. 

For some people faith and spirituality is fundamental to health and well being. Christian Blind Mission (CBM) have set up a program called Luke 14: Disability- Inclusive Christian Communities that assists people with intellectual disabilities explore their faith. More information