Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that becomes progressively worse as a person ages. It is the most common cause of dementia in the general population, as well as in people with Down syndrome. Adults with Down syndrome are known to be at particular risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Research in this area is shedding some light on the reasons for this high risk and how to identify Alzheimer’s disease in people with intellectual disability. 

It is important to be well informed about Alzheimer's disease so that we are prepared to support loved ones in the best possible ways if confronted with this challenge. 

Down syndrome Victoria aim to provide the best possible information to our members, to professionals and also to the general public about Alzheimer's disease in people with Down syndrome.

Diana Kerr who is a prominent expert in the field of dementia and learning disabilities and is a fellow at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh. The following link is to notes from a lecture Diana gave - Meeting the Needs Responding to the Pain.