Early speech and language skills development

* Publications marked with this symbol are available for DSV members to borrow from the DSV Resource Library. 

*Kumin, Libby (2003) Early communication skills for children with Down syndrome. A guide for parents and professionals (Woodbine House) Excellent comprehensive handbook which both gives parents comprehensive information about early communication in children with Down syndrome and also includes a wealth of advice and home activities to support the development of communication skills. Recommended for all families of young children. 

*Buckley, Sue and Gillian Bird (2001) Speech and language development for infants with Down syndrome (0-5 years) Down Syndrome Issues and Information series, Down Syndrome Education International. 
Comprehensive information module and program of activities and advice designed to assist the development of speech and language skills from birth to five years. Includes checklists for evaluating development of skills. Recommended for all families of young children. 

*Kumin, Libby (2002) Starting out: speech and language intervention for infants and toddlers with Down syndrome in William Cohen et al (eds) Down syndrome. Visions for the 21st century, ch 29 pp 395-406 
Useful background information for families interested in understanding the basis of speech and language learning. Includes definitions and discussion of speech, language and communication, and looks at the skills and non-verbal communication that are mastered before language and speech development. 

*Speech and language activities for pre-school children with Down syndrome (2007) (DVD) Development in Practice series, Down Syndrome Education International 
This DVD explores activities for promoting communication, speech and language development for preschool children with Down syndrome from 18 months to 4 years. There is a comprehensive description of the material and reviews at http://www.down-syndrome.org/resources/2089/ 

*Discovery. Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome (2005) (DVD) Will Schermerhorn, Blueberry Shoes Productions 
This film, made by a film-maker and photographer who has a son with Down syndrome, shows how to encourage better speech and communication from an early age. 

*Pieterse, Moira & Robin Treloar (1989) Communication skills Book 3 in Small Steps. An Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays Macquarie University Press 
Provides a good inventory of pre-verbal skills and early language together with suggestions and activities to support early language development. 

Duffy, Tessa (2004) Ask the speech and language therapist. Speech, language and communication for children Top Twenty Questions! Down Syndrome Association, UK 

*Schwartz, Sue (2004) The new language of toys: teaching communication skills to children with special needs, a guide for parents and teachers (Woodbine House) 
How to use toys to support your child's developing communication skills.