Gross and fine motor skills

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*Winders, Patricia C (2002) The goal and opportunity of physical therapy for children with Down syndrome. Also published in Cohen, W et al (eds) Down syndrome. Visions for the 21st century ch 14 pp 203-214
Outlines the four factors which impact on gross motor development in children with Down syndrome and describes the relevance of physicaltherapy. Also includes information about how children with Down syndrome learn.

*Winders, Patricia C (1997) Gross motor skills in children with Down syndrome. A guide for parents and professionals Woodbine House
Invaluable guide through each stage of motor development and early motor skills, including gross motor milestone checklist.

Alton, Sandy (2005) Fine motor skills in children with Down syndrome – information sheet Down Syndrome Association (UK) Education Consortium

Bruni, Maryanne (2001) Occupational therapy and the child with Down syndrome

*Bruni , Maryanne (2006) Fine motor skills in children with Down syndrome. A guide for parents and professionals Woodbine House (orig publ 1998)
Sister volume to Pat Winders 'Gross motor skills', equally valuable, and with masses of activities and reproducible worksheets to encourage development of fine motor skills and summary checklist of development stages.

*Sacks, Ben and Sue Buckley (2003) Motor development for individuals with Down syndrome – an overview Down Syndrome Issues and Information series, Down Syndrome Education International

*Pieterse, Moira and Robin Treloar (1989) Gross motor skills (Book 4) and Fine motor skills (Book 5) in Small Steps. An Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays Macquarie University Press
This set of booklets is now quite aged but still provides a very comprehensive inventory of skills in different areas of development, together with excercises and activities to support their development.

*Sonia Sumar (1996) Yoga for the special child. A therapeutic approach for infants and children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

Down syndrome occupational therapy demonstration