Early development and learning


* Publications marked with this symbol are available for DSV members to borrow from the DSV Resource Library.

*Selikowitz, Mark (2008) ‘Your child’s development’ in Down Syndrome: the facts ch 5 pp 46-63 Oxford (3rd edition, first publ 1990)

*Buckley, Sue and Ben Sacks (2001) An overview of the development of infants with Down syndrome (0-5 years), Down Syndrome Issues and Information series, Down Syndrome Education International

*Development in practice: activities for babies with Down syndrome (DVD)  Down Syndrome Education International.  This 77-minute DVD illustrates a wide variety of practical activities to promote the development of babies with Down syndrome. Activities are designed so they can be easily included into everyday routines andactivities.

*Pieterse, Moira and Robin Treloar (1989) Small Steps. An Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays Macquarie University press
This set of booklets is now quite aged but still provides a very comprehensive inventory of skills in different areas of development, together with excercises and activities to support their development. 

See and learn programmes, Down Syndrome Education International
Each programme of activities is designed to promote a particular area of development in very young children: reading, number and mathematics, memory and speech. The programmes are available online to download free ofcharge. Recommended for all parents.

Raising Children Network - Have some good online videos around baby play.

*Down’s Syndrome Scotland (2007) Developing early skills
Available from http://www.dsscotland.org.uk/
This brochure offers a great short guide to early development, areas of strength and weakness and ways in which to encourage early skills and pre-school learning.

*Newman, Sarah (1999) Small Steps Forward. Using games and activities to help your pre-school child with special needs Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Gives a brief overview of different areas of development and a wealth of play activities and games to assist developmental skills.

*Baker, Bruce L & Alan J Brightman (2004) ‘Play skills’ ch 11 in Steps to independence. Teaching everyday skills to children with special needs (4th ed) pp103-120 and appendices
Some useful pointers for parents wanting to explicitly teach play skills, and includes a checklist of basic playing skills.