Behaviour matters

This area includes general information relating to behaviour management and difficult behaviour.


Self talk

Self injury

Self injurious behaviour - Challenging behaviour Foundation - Murphy, Glynis (2003) 

Self injurious behaviour in Mental wellness in adults with Down syndrome - ch 20 pp 349-356
*McGuire, Dennis and Brian Chicoine (2006) 


Hair and fingernail cutting

Grooves and rituals

The groove and flexibility in Mental wellness in adults with Down syndrome - ch 9 pp 147-167
*McGuire, Dennis and Brian Chicoine (2006)
This should be read by everyone who is close to a young person or adult with Down syndrome. It does a thorough job of explaining some quirky – or in some cases irritating or frustrating – behaviours that you may have observed and distinguishes the quirkyrom the problematic. Includes lots of sound advice and recommendations for achieving a balance between respecting individual characteristics and encouraging flexibility in routines.

A much abridged version of this chapter is available online at the Adult Down Syndrome Center, Illinois