Personal and social development

Human relations, sexuality and sexual health

There are a number of services in Victoria that offer assistance to families of adolescents with an intellectual disability around issues of human relations and sexuality education. Most of these services provide counselling and education sessions.

Family Planning Victoria - Disability Services Unit

Family Planning Victoria - Disability Services Unit offers educational, counselling and support services in the areas of human relations, sexuality and sexual health, for people with disabilities.  Phone: (03) 9257 0133

Social, relationship and dating skills for people with disability

Social Impact is a unique program teaching adults (age 20+) with intellectual disability really useful relationship skills, then providing safe, supportive events and the opportunity to build confidence with practice. Social Impact provides an environment that:

Increases social, conversation and communication skills through healthy recreation
Builds assertiveness and emotional independence, exploring how relationships work
Creates broader awareness of the risks and laws of unsafe sex and sexual abuse
Develops confidence through learning to feel good and look good - For more information see the flyer or phone Impact Support Services: 03 9568 6144

Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria

The Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria provides a one to one human relations education and counselling service for people with a developmental disability. Phone:
(03) 9501 2400 if you reside outside the Southern Region or 1300 131 079 if you are in the Southern Region

Australian Childhood Foundation

The Australian Childhood Foundation runs a number of specialist counselling programs for children who have been abused. The Dimensions Project helps families of children with disabilities who display inappropriate sexual behaviour. Phone: (03) 9874 3922

The Australian Community Support Organisation

The Australian Community Support Organisation operates an early intervention program which assists people with intellectual disability who display dangerous or potentially dangerous sexual behaviours. The program is specifically for people over 12 years old who are at risk of committing or have committed a sex offence. Phone: 9413 7000

Co Care

Co Care is a youth health program based at Merri Community Health Service in Coburg. Eight week education programs on sexual health and human relations are available for young people aged 8 - 25 years with an intellectual disability who live, work or study in the Northern or Western suburbs. Phone: 9355 9900

Vanish support group

Are you looking for a support group for people who have experiences of separation from their family of origin? Vanish support groups provide an opportunity for people to hear and share experiences with others of similar backgrounds. 

Talk to me

Talk to me: a personal development manual for women and girls with Down syndrome, and their parents .
A book on friendships and making friends.  Activities to learn more about friendships. Click here to learn more.

Healthy Relationships workbook by the Arc of Spokane

Download the Healthy Relationships workbook