Education Support Service (ESS)

Down Syndrome Victoria offers an Education Support Service (ESS) to preschools and all schools through out Victoria. Our ESS is a classroom based support service for teachers providing practical assistance and resources to improve learning outcomes for students with Down syndrome and their classmates.

Professional training is run for teachers to strengthen the partnership between the parents of children with Down syndrome and their school community. We also receive DET funding to support a number of children transitioning from preschool into school and from primary to secondary school for those in mainstream government schools.

What's included in the ESS subscription?

1. Three school visits (or 9 hours) per year

2. Email and phone consultation as required

3. Use of specialist ESS classroom resources

4. Assistance in a range of areas such as -

  • Curriculum modification
  • Demonstration teaching
  • Positive behaviour development
  • Assistance at SSG/strategy sessions
  • Assistance sourcing specialist resources
  • Assistance with individual learning plan development

DSV Supporting your child’s education

By completing and returning the below form by email or fax 9486 9601 we can offer our Education Support Services to your child's school.

Funded transition

Government schools with students in these categories may be eligible:

Foundation | Year 6 and 7

Final years at secondary school

Moving to a new school environment

Annual subscription

$1800 per student
per year


$300 per hour or

$600 per half day plus costs of travel

Available to members of Down Syndrome Victoria.

Enquiries please email