Support groups

Families often find talking to other parents of a child with Down syndrome helpful and comforting and our Peer Support Groups provide a great opportunity to get together with other families, share ideas and experiences and meet new friends. Attending a local group is also a great way to share information about services and facilities in your area.

Down Syndrome Victoria runs a network of support groups statewide and can put you in touch with other groups in your area.

  • Parents of children aged 0-16yrs - MyTime or Family Network Groups
  • Parents of older teens & adults (15yrs+) - Family Network Groups 
  • Fathers of children any age - Dads groups
  • Teens with Down syndrome (15+yrs) Peer Support Group - Club21TEEN
  • Adults with Down syndrome (18yrs+) Peer Support Group - Club21  
  • Facebook 'closed' groups - Parents of Adults with Down syndrome and Down Syndrome Victoria Parents 
    *Our closed Facebook groups are only open to parents known to Down Syndrome Victoria.

​​Please contact us to find a local group - if there is not a group in your area, we may be able to assist with setting up a group or put you in contact with other local families. Groups tend to come and go depending on the level of interest in the area. We are always keen to hear from parents about their need for a support group close to them.

For more information please email our 
Family Support Team or phone us on 9486 9600. 

Other groups

Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) - Regional parent support coordinators - Contact the Parent Support Worker in your region for information about support groups and other activities in your local area. 
Amaze (Autism Victoria) - Offer a variety of support groups around Victoria - Great link for families whose child has a dual diagnosis.

Genetic Support Network Victoria
 - The GSNV can connect individuals and families interested in sharing their experiences and insights with others.

MyTime Groups - MyTime groups provide facilitated peer support for mums, dads, grandparents and anyone caring for children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition.

RCN MyTime Forum - Raising Children Network (RCN). Connect with other MyTime families. Share your experiences and information online with others who understand the rewards and intensity of caring for a child with special needs.

Wesley Do Care Telelink - A social support service that targets socially isolated people. It is a free service that is available to people who are aged over 65 years, a carer of an older person or a younger adult with a disability. Groups of 4 -10 people meet over the telephone at the same time and day each week. Please contact Irene - Telelink coordinator on 8706 1700 for more information.

Culturally diverse groups

ADEC - Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities - ADEC's Support Groups are language specific and located around Melbourne.

Contact family support at Down Syndrome Victoria for more information on other CALD disability support groups.

You might like to also see our resources on the translated materials page.